GWS Staff September 2023

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Remembering and Honoring Heroes of 911 at GWS

Armani Twin Towers
Unity tree 1
GWS Tree
Unity tree 2
Johan Remembering 911
Wall of 911 Remembrance 201
American Flag
202 Twin Towers "Never Forget"
A Lot is Happening at the GWS!
red bow for the heart and drug free
bulletin board 4
Thank you Ms. Sue, Ms. Joy, Mr. Dane and Ms. Antonietta for your support!!
Thank you Mr. Dane, Ms. Sue, Ms. Joy and Ms. Antonietta for your support!!
bulletin board 1
Dr. Johnson 100th day of school

     100th Day

     of School sure            makes a           difference!!!

Ms. Sue 100th Day of school
Johan 100 Day -1
Armani 100 Day
Johan 100 Day -2
Nurse Lulu 100th Day of School
Mr. Hassan 100th Day of School
Mr. Charlie 100th Day of School

GWS Proposed Program for Emergency Virtual or Remote Instruction Plan School Year: 2023-2024

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Parent's Perspective of GWS

Dog stocking for shelter
Dog stocking for shelter 2
Therapy animals
Dog stocking for shelter 4
Dog stocking for shelter 3