The YCS George Washington School offers breakfast and lunch to our students.  A healthy snack may also be served during the day.

YCS contracts with an outside vendor to ensure  that  nutritional guidelines are met. A menu will be sent home monthly for you to review.  You may send in a lunch for your child if you choose.

Breakfast:  Consists of cereal, milk, juice and a graham cracker.  

Lunch:   Consists of a main component, milk and sides.  

Alternate Lunch:  One peanut butter or peanut butter and jelly sandwich is offered as an alternate lunch.  If your child is allergic to nuts, a turkey sandwich will be provided.

Nut Free Zone:  A nut free zone is set up for students who are allergic to nuts.

Please ask your child to not share their school lunch or lunch brought in from home due to the increased number of students with allergies.